The Easilube system delivers more frequent shots of grease, in small amounts, to the bearings whilst under load; greasing is proportional to machine use. Easilube solved many lubrication problems and has been used almost exclusively on our Rental Fleet since 1997.

Hyden Engineering provides support that goes beyond the supply and installation stage. You don’t just get a system that they want to sell you; they combine the equipment and environmental requirements with our needs. Their innovation and lateral thinking are the keys to product success; a first class product and an
outstanding company.

Paul Fisher, Maintenance Supervisor, NSW division, Emeco International Pty Ltd.

Easilube has been in use on machines at the German Creek mine site since 1998. The simplicity of Easilube results in high reliability and the large see-through canisters has simplified monitoring.

Dave Warrell, Maintenance Co-ordinator for German Creek Mine, Capricorn Coal Management Pty Ltd.

For earth moving in remote areas the simple Easilube system with a cartridge is the logical choice.

Paul Wilde, Wilde Earth Moving, Moree, NSW.

The high levels of vibration, experienced on large dozers, proved beyond the capability of reciprocating pumps and electrical equipment as used in many lube systems. Easilube avoids these weaknesses and are now in general use at the Bulga mine.

Ian Bartholomew, Planning and Systems Superintendent, Bulga Mine, Oakbridge

The Horwood Bagshaw laser scraper operates in a dust-storm with high levels of vibration. The cartridge style Easilube has proven to be an absolutely reliable on board greasing system and there has almost zero wear at the bearings after 5000-hrs service.

Andrew Dal Broi, Farmer, Griffith, NSW.

For underground coal mining, products have to be simple and tough. Easilube meets this criteria and is used on almost every machine type at the Myuna mine Stephen Ord, NSW Operations Manager, Oldenburg Stamler Australia.

The Stamler Feeder Breaker typically operates without personnel in the direct vicinity and routine greasing can easily be overlooked. Easilube with the cartridge or larger canisters has provided an excellent on board grease feed system without the need for any electrical control equipment.

Barry Moore, Mechanical Engineer, Myuna mine, Centennial Coal.

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