ENVIROSPRAY Manual- System Background and Operation

Enviro-spray™ was specifically developed to be a plug and play system that optimises the use of limited water
supplies while still maintaining the dust control barrier required by regulations.

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The user interface has been simplified by replacing the old dial type control with a user-friendly up-down push button control, foot pedal
stop-start switch and LCD display.

The Enviro-spray™ push button control sets the water flow rate, road speed
and spot spray distances while constantly measuring the water level, filter condition and motor condition. The
system can be preset to have default water flow rates, road speed settings and spot spray distances so that the
operator may simply select road speed, spot spray or both and drive while the Enviro-spray™ system takes
control. It will stop and start the water flow at intersections and automatically adjusts the water flow rate as the
machine speeds up and slows down while also stopping and starting to provide the set wet and dry distances.